[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Roman Trunov proxyma at tula.net
Thu Oct 10 20:47:09 EDT 2002

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waldo kitty wrote:

> if someone would compile an updated client for my OS/2 boxen, they
> wouldn't be doing garbage work and could continue to contribute to the
> overall cause... 

Oh, by the way. Bruce, some time ago a call for OS/2 porters was made on
Bugzilla. Did you found new porter? Because when I tried to became one
some time ago (because OS/2 client wasn't updated for ages, have old and
slow OGR cores, etc.), I've received absolutely no response on my
e-mails sent to:

a) a person who called for porters;
b) a person who was responsible for this bug in bugzilla;
c) help at distributed.net. (at least, a script sent me an auto-reply <g>).

Also, I've sent to help at dnet some patched to minor bugs, which I've
found during compilation and testing of public source. Yesterday I've
downloaded latest snapshot of public sources and noticed that these bugs
are still here...

So, how can a person really help d.net (NDA signing is Ok)?


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