[RC5] merging in-buffers?

Angie T. atelepen at edmc.net
Fri Oct 11 14:56:11 EDT 2002

Hello from a lurker - I'm running the client on a Mac PPC - OGR-25 
exclusively now that RC5 is done.

I have a couple of old OGR in-buffers lurking on my hard drive 
because every time I've updated the client it imports a whole new 
buffer. Not wanting all these work units to go to waste, I thought I 
would be clever and run an old version with its old buffer and just 
let it exhaust itself, flushing as required, and then just start it 
on the other old buffer, hopefully eventually exhausting that one as 
well and being left with just one "current" one.

Unfortunately, after weeks of waiting eagerly for the old buffer to 
finish, it automatically connected to the keyserver and grabbed a 
whole new buffer. (the only time I've cursed my cable modem) So I'm 
back to where I started, with three different OGR buffers on my hard 

My question is, is there any way I can sort of "merge" all these 
buffers so that I can make a nice big buffer? Or, alternately, I have 
looked through the configuration menu to see if there is any way I 
can disable the automatic fetching of a new buffer when the old one 
is exhausted and I can't see one. Is there a way I can do it, short 
of physically disconnecting from the Internet when I see the buffer 
is almost exhausted?

I apologize if there is some obvious solution that I've overlooked 
and everyone is snickering at me, but I'm no techie, just a 
garden-variety nerd. Thanks.

Angie T.
atelepen at edmc.net

A dreamer is one who can only find her way by moonlight.  -- Oscar Wilde
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