[RC5] merging in-buffers?

Angie T. atelepen at edmc.net
Fri Oct 11 16:05:59 EDT 2002

Replying to my own post here - I went into the configuration menu 
again and set "complete this many packets, then exit' to -1. If I'm 
reading the documentation correctly, it will automatically quit when 
the input buffer is empty, right? Then I can just run the hidden 
"flush" command, move the other in-buffer into my folder, and next 
time I open the client it will start on this buffer.

Of course, this will be many weeks into the future, after I've 
emptied all 24 units - grrr...

>My question is, is there any way I can sort of "merge" all these 
>buffers so that I can make a nice big buffer? Or, alternately, I 
>have looked through the configuration menu to see if there is any 
>way I can disable the automatic fetching of a new buffer when the 
>old one is exhausted and I can't see one. Is there a way I can do 
>it, short of physically disconnecting from the Internet when I see 
>the buffer is almost exhausted?


Angie T.
atelepen at edmc.net

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