[RC5] merging in-buffers?

Timothy Marsh Timothy.Marsh at usm.edu
Mon Oct 14 22:55:21 EDT 2002

I'm not sure about Mac, but in Windows this is how I have merged buffers
    Run the dnet program with the buffers you wish to keep.
    Do a fetch/flush first to empty your out-buffer.
    Disable updates to keyserver (2, 5).
    Enable updates to remote buffer (2, 7).
    Set the remote buffer directory to the location of the buffers you want
to import (2, 8).
    Change the fetch work threshold to a number high enough to accommodate
all the WU's you are going to import (2, 13).
    Have the client fetch.

This should have the client import all work units from the other buffers.
You can keep changing the remote buffer location (or delete the old empty
buffers and put the next ones to be merged in the same directory) and do
another fetch.  As long as the client you are working with has been told to
fetch more WU's than are available in the buffers you are importing, it will
always pull all of them into the current buffer.
Don't forget when you are done to re-enable updates to the keyserver and
change the fetch work threshold back to a more normal level.  You also may
want to disable updates to the remote buffer, if you forget to delete the
old empty buffers and your client cannot connect to the keyserver you may
find your client flushing to the old buffers were they will sit until you
discover them.  In that case you can just temporarily switch out the buffer
files while the client is not running, then start the client, flush, and
switch the files back.  Or you can do a similar trick as above by disabling
updates to the keyserver and flushing to your primary buffers as a remote


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> >On Friday 11 October 2002 12:56, Angie T. wrote:
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> >>  My question is, is there any way I can sort of "merge" all these
> >>  buffers so that I can make a nice big buffer? Or, alternately, I have
> >
> > I'm not sure if this will work on a Mac, but for the rest of us who can
> >run dnetc from a command line (or window), "dnetc -import buff-in.ogr"
> >will merge the old work into the current work.  You may do this with both
> >buff-out and buff-in; the old files will be removed after successful
> >import.
> >
> > If the Mac dnetc is a GUI-only application, maybe you could try to drop
> >the old buffer files onto its window.
> >
> Thanks Carl - yes, the Mac client is GUI-only - dropping the other
> file on the window didn't work. Thanks anyway.
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