[RC5] merging in-buffers?

Angie T. atelepen at edmc.net
Tue Oct 15 00:31:00 EDT 2002

Timothy wrote:

>I'm not sure about Mac, but in Windows this is how I have merged buffers
>     Run the dnet program with the buffers you wish to keep.
>     Do a fetch/flush first to empty your out-buffer.
>     Disable updates to keyserver (2, 5).
>     Enable updates to remote buffer (2, 7).
>     Set the remote buffer directory to the location of the buffers you want
>to import (2, 8).
>     Change the fetch work threshold to a number high enough to accommodate
>all the WU's you are going to import (2, 13).
>     Have the client fetch.

Thanks, Timothy - I tried that and got a message "fetch error - dest 
file not changing size - check remote buffer settings for loop" or 
something like that.

Angie T.
atelepen at edmc.net

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