[RC5] Option 1.2 Query

Robert A. Rosenberg dnet at rarpsl.com
Thu Oct 17 02:06:36 EDT 2002

I have a question about setting 1.2 which according to the docs is 
supposed to (when set to -1) run the client until it has cleared out 
buffer-in and then shut down. In testing, I found that this does 
occur but there either seems to be a misunderstanding on my part of 
the purpose of the setting or there is a bug/design-flaw in the 
implementation. When the client shuts down, it does not first flash 
the buffer-out so you are left with processed but unreturned work 
units. The only way I can find to get the flush is to reset 1.2 to 0 
and start the client (which refreshes Buffer-In at the time of the 
flush so I'm back were I started). Is this the way it is supposed to 
work or am I missing another setting to force the flush prior to the 
shut down.

Thank you.
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