[RC5] just curious

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Oct 22 12:02:41 EDT 2002

Jonas Maebe wrote:
> On dinsdag, okt 22, 2002, at 16:35 Europe/Brussels, Earl '<--Havoc--{{{' 
> Stenlund wrote:
>> I was just curious if the list was still working? I haven’t gotten any 
>> mail on it in 3 days.
> There wasn't any afaik. But it's quite possible that a lot of people 
> won't get any mail from it anymore, because the mailing list server 
> ( is now in spews (http://www.spews.org/html/S1481.html), 
> a spam blacklist. The reason is not that distributed.net has been 
> spamming, but one of their "neighbours" called apexmarketinginc.com has 
> been doing it and apparently their ISP refuses to take action against 
> them (so they try to pressure the ISP to take action by including other 
> IP-addresses that belong to them, hoping that other customers of this 
> ISP will complain about the resulting reduced email connectivity).

oh that's nice... i've "delt with" apexmarketinginc in the past... they 
are definitely spammy and the host must be decidedly dark grey or black 
hat if they refuse to do something about them... in my mind, its time to 
move the list server elsewhere... that'll also get that provider's 

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