[RC5] just curious

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at rug.ac.be
Tue Oct 22 21:45:53 EDT 2002

On dinsdag, okt 22, 2002, at 20:29 Europe/Brussels, Jason Hartzell 

> I've been a victim of SPEWS misdirection as well. Nothing like having 
> all
> corporate Internet Activity shutdown by your ISP (which will soon be
> changed) due to a mis-identification on SPEWS.

They are not mis-identifications. SPEWS clearly states they are a 
private blocking list of some people that has gone public so that other 
people can use it as well. If you use SPEWS, you should know that you 
will block mail from innocent bystanders in certain cases (if you 
don't, then you haven't informed yourself enough). They nowhere state 
that their list always only contains IP-addresses used exclusively 

> I hate spam as much as anyone, but the treatment is worse than the 
> disease.

This is a pure personal (or in some cases, business, when you business 
decides that the trade-off between missing some legitimate mail and 
carrying a lot less spam is worth it) decision. It's definitely not a 
cure/treatment for the spamming problem, it's a last-line defense 
because there are few other effective measures you can take against 
spam and spam supporters (SPEWS is mainly a list to target spam 
supporters: ISP's that don't take action against their spamming 
customers will quickly find large parts of their address space in 
SPEWS). I agree with you it's very unfortunate and annoying that the 
spamming problem has run so much out of hand that people are actually 
using such drastic measures, but again, it's their decision to (not) do 


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