[RC5] Problems connecting public proxy

MatthiasDüsterhöft duesti-list at gmx.de
Fri Sep 13 10:27:09 EDT 2002


I've some problems connecting a public proxy. I'm using dnetc
v2.8015-469-GTR-01051421 for Win32, and this is the error message:

[Sep 12 09:49:14 UTC] Connected to euro80.v27.distributed.net:80
                      via HTTP proxy wingate:80
[Sep 12 09:49:59 UTC] HTTP error: 500 missing 'Content-Length' pragma
[Sep 12 09:50:00 UTC] NetUpdate::Connect handshake failed. (0.168)
[Sep 12 09:50:00 UTC] Connection closed.

However, with one server it works:

[Sep 13 04:46:11 UTC] The keyserver says: "Why is a cow2 ? Mu.
[Sep 13 04:46:11 UTC] Refreshed project state data from server. (cached)
[Sep 13 04:46:25 UTC] OGR: Retrieved 1 packet from server.
[Sep 13 04:46:40 UTC] OGR: Sent 1 packet (65.16 stats units) to server.

I've tried using a personal proxy on my machine, too, and it doesn't work
I'm firewalled here, the firewall is WinGate.
Usually I'm using a non-public proxy which is doing fine, but the last 2
days it was down and so I tried using a public proxy.

Can anybody help me?


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