[RC5] OGR-25

Greg Childers jgchilders at uk-alumni.org
Sat Sep 14 00:37:07 EDT 2002


As we all anxiously await the arrival of the RC5-64 key (let's hope this 
isn't another CSC with the key arriving at >98% of the keyspace checked!), 
would it be possible to compile a few stats for OGR-25?  It's been going 
for just over 2 years now, and some vague idea that progress is occurring 
would be reassuring.  Something simple like total number of 6-stubs, 
fraction of those stubs that have been returned once, and fraction that 
have been verified by a second pass would be great.  I realize that since 
the node counts of stubs varies greatly, this isn't a meaningful measure of 
the amount of work to do, but at least it gives some idea that we're 
getting there.


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