[RC5] Problems connecting public proxy

Michael Pelletier mvpel at nortelnetworks.com
Sat Sep 14 12:09:32 EDT 2002

On Sat, 14 Sep 2002, SvR Marty wrote:

> btw now i have problems connecting DIRECT to and
> ping seems good, about 300 ms and no packetloss
> the client update his keys buffers through any other keyserver

I've been having some odd fetch/flush difficulties lately too - my
home machine, A Pentium III Windows 2000 box, rips through the
packets at proxy1.rwc.ca, the numbers changing quite rapidly as it
fetches or flushes via port 80, 25 packets in three seconds.

My UNIX systems, however, have a great deal of difficulty contacting
the proxies, to the point where I simply hardcoded proxy1.rwc.ca --
otherwise it would hang there for a while and finally fail, and
even when it works, it only manages about one packet per second.

Here's the only non-default:


These systems *may* be behind a transparent HTTP proxy, but the last
I heard the only thing being proxied was streaming media, not HTTP,
and I get the same slow rate on other ports.

Any suggestions?

	-MIchael Pelletier.

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