[RC5] Emailed buffers

Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com
Thu Sep 26 10:08:17 EDT 2002

Currently, my stats have not been updated since September 22, even though
all of my computers flush more than once a day. :-(

OTOH, when I flush by e-mail (from the one computer which is off-line) it
normally shows up the next day.


Hello all

a quick question: how long does it take the system to process finished work
that has been emailed in?

Because of network restraints I'm unable to connect to the stats server
directly so I fetch and flush work via email.  I've noticed that it can
quite a few days for the work I send in to appear in my stats, and
a few day's worth will appear all at once.

It's not a problem at all...I'm just curious.

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