blitz blitz at macronet.net
Thu Sep 26 15:31:58 EDT 2002

Congrats to the winner...

Yes, same here...I guess I can turn the A/C off now, and shut down some 
machines...it will be a pleasure to be able to walk around without tripping 
over lan cables once again....
Guess its time to take the boxes down for maintenance, and blow out the 
dust rhinos....
Unless something comes up soon, I guess they'll be cracking protein 
molecules or looking for ET.

At 11:16 9/26/02 -0500, N. Parr wrote:
>Well now what do we do, hmmm.  I can't even get any OGR packets, they must
>have been snatched up pretty quick.  My cycles are going to waste, ahhhh
>this can't be happening, must generate heat somehow, my computer room is
>cooling off!

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