Scott Dodson sdodson at eagle4.cc.gasou.edu
Thu Sep 26 17:19:00 EDT 2002

>>    Also, please consider joining us on SlashNET IRC on Saturday
>>    28-Sep-2002 @ 21:00 UTC (5:00PM EDT) for an online Q+A session on the
>>    RC5-64 project and the future plans for the distributed.net network.
>>    Not only are we looking forward to moving on to RC5-72 but we're
>>    currently reshaping the framework of the dnetc architecture to better
>>    accommodate additional projects. We're hoping to attract some new and
>>    motivated partners with good ideas and a need for cycles.

>Although I will be unable to attend (my daughter is back "in country" from 
>Scotland and we're meeting at the Grand Canyon on Sat), more information on 
>where the IRC meeting is being held would be useful.  Like maybe the 
>"network" on which you're meeting.

The forum will be held on Slashnet, please see www.slashnet.org for a 
list of servers.  The channel will be #forum according to their website.


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