Lars Rander maillist at rander.dk
Fri Sep 27 02:06:58 EDT 2002

At 22:35 26-09-2002, you wrote:

>PS: Why are the proxies still handing out rc5 blocks ?

They aren't.

[Sep 26 17:47:23 UTC] RC5: 5 packets (22.00 stats units) are in buff-out.rc5
[Sep 26 17:47:25 UTC] The keyserver says: RC5 is closed.
[Sep 26 17:47:25 UTC] RC5: Sent 5 packets (22.00 stats units) to server.
[Sep 26 17:47:25 UTC] RC5: Discarded E7BF4C4A:C0000000:4*2^28
                       (project disabled/closed)

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