[RC5] Removing Stats?

Carl Inglis wyrdrune at yoshiwara.org.uk
Fri Sep 27 11:39:34 EDT 2002

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On Friday 27 September 2002 10:19 am, Oliver Otte wrote:
> >> He isn't.
> >> Removing stats since 07/14 is cheating, nothing else than that.
> >
> > Cheating? Who is getting cheated?
> There are people out there who started participating 07/15. All the
> blocks they chrunched are wasted. Heck, they might not even appear in
> the stats as participants.

Because they *were not* participants in the project that found the key. 
It's unfortunate that there was some sort of problem which prevented the 
staffers from verifying the find (ping DNet staffers - any chance of a 
more detail explaining of the problems?) but that doesn't change the fact 
that the project had finished.

> > The goal of this project was to find the key. Therefore the projected
> > ended when its goal had been achieved and the key found. This was
> > 14/07/2002.
> OK, I agree to that statement.
> > You seem to be implying that DNet are doing something which will be
> > to their gain by trimming back the stats to the date the project
> > actually finished. What would that be then?
> Nonsense. There is no outcome of such "trimming back".

'k - I misunderstood you. For me, the word "cheat" has strong connotations 
of manipulating a situation for one's own gain. It might be a cultural 

> > You appear to have lost track of the core reason this project was
> > created. [...] It was *not* created for people to have dick-size-wars
> > over how many blocks [...]
> This was never a reason for me to participate. I don't care if I did
> 2.1m blocks or 2.4m. I just want those 2.4m to appear as "done for the
> project".

But that's the point - they weren't "done for the project". The project 
had finished the moment the winning key was found.

I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this.

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