[RC5] Removing Stats?

Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com
Fri Sep 27 13:03:36 EDT 2002

The main objective for the project is to solve the problem.

For that, mainly two resources must exist.

- The project organization with a technical infrastructure
- Participants

Many participants, like it or not, participate more for the stats than for
the project outcome as such. If anyone else in the project likes that or
not is irrelevant. The reason for anyone to participate must be his/her own
business. What counts is participation and processor cycles.

So, there are stats hungry people out there. They do participate, and they
*sometimes* do it with more commitment than people participating primarily
to solve the problem. Who cares? Cause a project like RC5 *needs* all
participants it can get.

Why not start appreciating the importance of stats for a large minority(?)
of the participants.

For instance, I have the impression that the seti at home project has been
very successful in attracting, and also in *keeping*, the interest for
their project. I'd say that this is largely because they have much more
than the RC5 project put in efforts in keeping the stats hungry
participants happy. Happy participants stay.

A few times during the RC5 project I have had the impression that if people
care too much about the stats, they get the unspoken message that they
could go elsewere. Well, some of them have for that very reason. Too bad
for them? I don't know. But it's certainly not good for the project.


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>> He isn't.
>> Removing stats since 07/14 is cheating, nothing else than that.
> Cheating? Who is getting cheated?

There are people out there who started participating 07/15. All the blocks
they chrunched are wasted. Heck, they might not even appear in the stats as

> The goal of this project was to find the key. Therefore the projected
> ended when its goal had been achieved and the key found. This was
> 14/07/2002.

OK, I agree to that statement.

> You seem to be implying that DNet are doing something which will be to
> their gain by trimming back the stats to the date the project actually
> finished. What would that be then?

Nonsense. There is no outcome of such "trimming back".

> You appear to have lost track of the core reason this project was
created. [...]
> It was *not* created for people to have dick-size-wars over how many
blocks [...]

This was never a reason for me to participate. I don't care if I did 2.1m
blocks or
2.4m. I just want those 2.4m to appear as "done for the project".


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