[RC5] Removing Stats?

Mandelli Alessandro motovacanze at motovacanze.it
Fri Sep 27 13:30:20 EDT 2002

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> For instance, I have the impression that the seti at home project has been
> very successful in attracting, and also in *keeping*, the interest for
> their project. I'd say that this is largely because they have much more
> than the RC5 project put in efforts in keeping the stats hungry
> participants happy. Happy participants stay.

Yeah. On Seti stats are never down, proxies have a high availability, and
more important the website is updated regularly.
Take OGR, for example: OGR graphs haven't been updated since ages, though it
should be a daily cron task.
We don't even know how far have we got since now and how it will take to
exhaust the computation.


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