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Fri Sep 27 16:49:14 EDT 2002

Hi Keith!

26 Sep 2002, Keith Woodworth <kwoody at citytel.net> wrote:

 KW> Kind of nifty though its been solved. Wonder how long RC5-72 will
 KW> take? 8 yrs?
Hmmm rc5-72 is 256 [2^(72-64)] times harder then rc5-64.

We needed nearly 5 years for rc5-64.
If time needed decreases by a factor of 5 we would need 256 years to solve it.

This is not an exact calculation :) but it shows that IMHO trying it is ...
not very wise (and that computing power should be used in other ways ...
maybe a dnetc protein folding project)

I really don't see what breaking rc5-72 would gain the world ...
but the installed dnet-client-base could work on more usefull projects.

With rc5-64 we wanted to show how insecure it was.
We showed that normale people with legacy hardware are able to break it in a
"reasonable" timeframe, so it should not be used for securing critical data.
OK ... but we know that rc5-72 is 256 times harder.
And if we use the same brute-force method we will need to do 256 times as much
work. What new information do we gain by that ??

What I would like to see is:

- status of OGR (mail here which explains how the situation is
   what problems exist with the cores, how much % of the stubs handed out)
- finish of OGR-24 (and the announcement that we did not find any shorter
   ruler than already known)
- more flexible framework for client (mail here which gives us insights what
   is planned in this area)
- good ideas for futur projects :) (I would like protein folding)

PS: I don't understand why so many people react like this:
rc5-64 is done, so I uninstall the dnetc client ... strange to me.

PPS: I don't understand why work is "wasted" if it is not credited in the
We did the work to find the RC5 key (and therfor prove that rc5-64 is easyly
breakable) and BTW _ALL_ work done after the key has found is wasted ...

 KW> Thanks,
 KW> Keith

CU, Ricsi

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