[RC5] Removing Stats?

Scott Dodson sdodson at eagle4.cc.gasou.edu
Fri Sep 27 12:00:47 EDT 2002

On 27-Sep-2002, Carl Inglis wrote:
> Because they *were not* participants in the project that found the key. 
> It's unfortunate that there was some sort of problem which prevented the 
> staffers from verifying the find (ping DNet staffers - any chance of a 
> more detail explaining of the problems?) but that doesn't change the fact 
> that the project had finished.

Nugget explained it in #distributed last night as :
01:05 <@Nugget> the rub of the problem is that the "success.log" on the 
                keymaster, which should have been happily sitting at 0 bytes 
                the whole time, was instead about a gazillion megabytes because                 there's a buggy client out there that reports false positives.
01:06 <@Nugget> cow was manually going through periodically looking to find the                 "real" key in there with all the false positives.
01:06 <@Nugget> and his quasi-monthly checking frequency turned out to be 
                ill-timed.  he'd just checked a day or so before the key showed                 up
01:07 <@Nugget> yeah, it was really unfortunate timing
01:08 <@Nugget> and then when we did find the key, and contact rsa labs, they 
                were all out of town at a conference.  and then they had a 
                bunch of other press-related business and kept pushing the 
                announce date back.
01:08 <@Nugget> as recently as yesterday evening we were still trying to choose                 a date.  


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