[RC5] Interesting Project... MD5

Oliver Otte rc5list at seo.de
Fri Sep 27 18:25:18 EDT 2002

>> I would like to know if this kind of project is possible with
>> distributed.net?
>> Here is the uses of MD5

> What are you looking to do with MD5?  Turn it into a two way
> function via brute force?

"So here's where the fun comes in.  My colleague (Tom St. Denis) and I have
developed a highly optimized prototype client to find collisions in MD5."

"All functions with a finite number of outputs will fall into a cycle if you
do this:

x = <initial value>
loop {
   x = f( x );

Simply replace 'f(x)' with the MD5 hash function and we have what is call a
random walk using MD5."

-from the website.


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