[RC5] Interesting Project... MD5

Lothar Kimmeringer kimmerin at online.de
Fri Sep 27 18:45:44 EDT 2002

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002 11:11:22 -0400, Scott Dodson wrote:

>What are you looking to do with MD5?  Turn it into a two way 
>function via brute force?

Due to the fact, that MD5 reduces a text to a value
of lesser length, you won't get a way to get the
original text out of a MD5-checksum.

But you might find a way to create texts that have
the same checksum like the way you want to falsify.

Very much crypto- and authentification-systems are
using md5 (Unix-systems use them for their password-
system), you can cause a lot of damage, if you are
able to misuse the system.

Regards, Lothar

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