[RC5] Removing Stats?

N. Parr nparr at usa.net
Fri Sep 27 11:50:27 EDT 2002

No, 6034th in stats vs. 6033th doesn't make a difference but I went from mid
600's to 788.  That's a drop of over 100 in rank and when your rank is below
1000 that's pretty significant.  Again, it's not going to ruin my life if we
don't get full stats back but it would be nice to see what I really
accomplished.  I will probably stick around for another contest but I can
see there will be a lot of other people leaving or defecting to other
projects because of this issue.  Is it really worth it to alienate them?
ECCp-109 has gained over 50 users is the last 6 hours when yesterday the
total number of new users was 7.

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> > yeah, you're the only one
> He isn't.
> Removing stats since 07/14 is cheating, nothing else than that.
> The project did end yesterday, because the announcement was made that the
key was found.
> Some people did RC5 for fun or for stats, and d.net used those peoples'
> and doesn't want to give credit for that since 07/14 now. Now how sick is
People, Distributed.net stats don't give you longer life, make you a better
person, raise your status in society, or make you more attractive to the
opposite sex.

The contest is over, the winner is the one with the key.  Does the fact
that you may be 6034th in stats vs. 6033th make *any* difference?

Rejoice in that the key was found!  Look forward to RC5-72, then bitch
about stats again.

If people are so concerned about their stats, why don't they run perproxies
and maintain their own stats like I do?

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