[RC5] Removing Stats?

Nuno Carvalho nuno.carvalho at ca.efacec.pt
Fri Sep 27 18:27:19 EDT 2002

I was reading all this discussion about the removed stats!!

I have to agree with those who says that "Blocks done after the winnig Key
was found, are garbage".
But, by the same logic: all blocks done before wining key was found, are
garbage too!

All blocks have been garbage, except the one that contains the correct key!!

Why should us consider the wrong blocks before found the correct key, and
not to consider the blocks done after??

If we consider the time wasted to get the correct key, we should only
consider the work done before. (blocks, keys, days, etc...)

IN the other hand... ALL work has been done to accomplish the goal. All work
done until the time the anounce was made, and RC5-64 contest closed, should
be consider... 
Every one who done work this days, done it for distributed.net. Done it,
with the ideia that could win the prize...

Maybe d.net guys could reveal the all stats for all of us (participants),
and make a special announcement about dates, and total work done until the
day that correct key is found

(sorry about my horible english, i hope you get my ideia)
Nuno Carvalho

Congratulations to all

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> People, Distributed.net stats don't give you longer life, make you a
> person, raise your status in society, or make you more attractive to the
> opposite sex.

Oh yes, it does. (Hm, maybe not a longer life, then.)

> The contest is over, the winner is the one with the key.  Does the fact
> that you may be 6034th in stats vs. 6033th make *any* difference?

Not to you, maybe not to me neither, but to a lot of people it actually
does. Do you frown upon that? It's your right to. But if too many people
openly frown upon that, these people will (and some have) find another
project where the stats have more status.

You may feel you "don't need those people". But a distributed computer
project doesn't primarily need people, it needs processor cycles.
Regardless (within certain limits) of the owners reasons for participation.
Loosing processor cycles for a disagreement in what is important will only
hurt the project.

IMHO, not fully understanding that is the weakest part of the RC5 project
management sofort. And I believe that with another approach vs less 'geeky'
participants, many more would participate in the RC5 and related projects.
Participation==providing processor cycles.

> Rejoice in that the key was found!
I do. :-) I think we all do.

> Look forward to RC5-72, then bitch about stats again.
You bet. The 'bitching', that is. ;-)

> If people are so concerned about their stats, why don't they run
> and maintain their own stats like I do?

Please, correct me if I have misunderstood how you use the perproxie,

The real 'stats guys' (and gals) prefers to *compare* their stats with
other people, not with their own result x time in the past. And remember,
there are tons of processor cycles out there owned by people with none or
limited knowledge of computing. (For instance, installing the dnetc client
on a Win-32 PC doesn't require a whole lot of knowledge.) These people will
not build their own routines for maintaining dnetc stats. Missing out on
these peoples processor cycles because they don't feel they have the right
or enough feed-back is unlucky. Again, IMHO.

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