[RC5] Removing Stats?

peter volsted pvolsted at image.dk
Fri Sep 27 19:37:23 EDT 2002


In my opinion the distributed.net has - at least - 2 interests in the stats:
1. the self-evident to be able to document how much work the lucky solution of
RC5-64 has cost
2. how much computing can be achieved grouping computers all over the world.

The last interest speaks heavily against just dropping statistics since
solution day.

I would suggest making - and publishing here - both type of statistics.
I partook in the project to show the solution possible, but must admit that
cutting back on statistics also leaves me with feeling I had, when some cop
presented me a speed-ticket, although the instruments in my car had shown the
speed legal.

good luck


               Peter Volsted Pedersen
                  Frederiksberg C

              mbr. TeamOS/2 Danmark

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