[RC5] Removing Stats?

Blain Nelson blainn13 at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 27 12:07:55 EDT 2002

9/27/2002 10:42:57 AM, Jason Hartzell <jhartzell at arcataassoc.com> wrote:

>I think I MIGHT possibly become something less than furious if someone could
>present some moderately reasonable explination as to why the stats are
>removed, and how that is valid and fair. I haven't heard one yet.

How about this as pure guess:

The project leaders find out that the solution was found a month late.
It takes another month to get the thing verified through RSA.
Everybody feels a bit sheepish, maybe even a bit annoyed at the time lag, while not really being 
prepared to take things the next step right this second.
These are the times when people sometimes decide to "do something" just so they have something to do.  
So someone decides, rather off the top of their head, that they should pull all the stats since the 
solution was found.  
And then they set out to do it.

I don't suspect this was an intentional slam against project participants.  I think it was just one of 
those things.  And the point about all stats til the project closed I think is a good one which has 
been well made along the way.  Probably the people who can make the decision to reverse it (if 
possible) or apologize for it (if not) have enough information now to do it or not.  

So how about we just kinda breathe about this for bit and see what happens.  These folks are awfully 
busy scrambling about trying to figure out where we go now, in addition to their day jobs, families, 
etc.  Let's give this a chance to bubble up to their attention level, maybe.

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