[RC5] Removing Stats?

Andrew MacKenzie andy at edespot.com
Fri Sep 27 15:16:39 EDT 2002

> > If people are so concerned about their stats, why don't they run
> > perproxies and maintain their own stats like I do?
> You are kidding, right?
> You can't get an overall project ranking out of (your) pproxy. ("Guess
> what, I'm number one I crunched all blocks of my pproxy", "No, it's me -
> I did all blocks!") >:-)
Well, I have a team (PlaidHat) who all use my proxy.  It's much more
personal to compare against people I know (I feel), and therefore much more
interesting.  I also track stats by user/ip (which dnet doesn't) so I can
get a sense as to how each machine I have is doing.  Also by user/os/cpu.

Frankly, I could care less how I rank 'overall' (unless I were in the top
10 or at least top 100).

But that's just me.  I do think dnet should allow the last couple months of
stats to count, but I won't get angry if they don't.  It does seem like
more work to delete them than to keep them though.

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