[RC5] Re: Removing Stats?

Jason Hartzell jhartzell at arcataassoc.com
Fri Sep 27 18:14:04 EDT 2002

I don't know if anyone else has looked at decibel's .plan, but if you didn't
here it is, and I have to admit that I am more than satisified. And I would
definately like to thank the D.net staff for their consideration:

:: 27-Sep-2002 18:59 CDT (Friday) ::
Well, I haven't read RC5@ yet, but I know that a number of people are very
unhappy with the decision to remove all the stats from after the winning key
was found. This was done because it's what we've always done in the past,
is arguable the most correct thing to do, since there is definite value in
knowing the exact amount of effort that was required to find the winning

On the other hand, we certainly understand why many of you would like to see
stats for all the work that was done, including work after the key was
In order to try and make everyone happy, we're going to post both sets of
stats. One set will stop at the time the key was found, the other set will
to the end of the logs.

Blower is working on copying the data right now. It's slowing the box down
quite a bit, so that's why stats are slow right now. Since I deleted the raw
data from stats, it will have to re-process the logs from after the key was
found. I estimate that effort will take about 10 days, baring any problems.

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