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Thanks Bruce,

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Hold on, folks.  We're talking about how we can show you stats including
the period between 7/14 and 9/26.  I think it's going to happen, but I
need some help from others who are also very busy.

Your point about things beyond your control is exactly the motivation
behind putting stats back.  As someone else said, our policy has been to
give full credit when work has been invalidated.  The fact that we knew
before you did doesn't change the fact that you were all working very
hard to turn around those blocks.  Likewise, you could make the case
that only one block out of the whole project was "necessary".

We're still working out when, if and how we will bring back the stats in
the gap, but you can be sure that we aren't going to just drop this
without more serious discussion internally.

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| > Because they *were not* participants in the project that
| found the key.
| > It's unfortunate that there was some sort of problem which
| prevented the
| > staffers from verifying the find (ping DNet staffers - any
| chance of a
| > more detail explaining of the problems?) but that doesn't
| change the fact
| > that the project had finished.
| That my donation proved to be pointless does not change the fact
| Now they are claiming I donated nothing because of
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