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Jason Hartzell jhartzell at arcataassoc.com
Sat Sep 28 14:27:04 EDT 2002

Those are actually great questions. I do expect that they will make some of
that clear this afternoon in the web q&a session, unfortunately I won't be
able to see it until the transcript is published.

And with everything they have on their plate right now, I'm sure they're
working on it, but it would be great if the .plans, this list, and the
Announcements Mailing list were used well to keep people informed. The
.plans used to be a great place to get info, but they just aren't updated
much over the last 12 to 18 months unless stats are down, or someone is
leaving the project.

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Hi Oliver!

28 Sep 2002, Oliver Otte <rc5list at seo.de> wrote:

 >> How do I set my machine to process RC5 instaed of OGR?
 OO> RC5 only        dnetc.ini:      project-priority=DES,CSC,OGR=0,RC5

You should also tell him that at the moment this does not make ANY sense.
Because des is closed, csc is closed, rc5 is closed.
So if you don't allow to work on OGR it can't work on anything.

Questions to dnet staff:

- When will OGR-24 be finished ?? (IMHO it was promised for Sept. 2001)
   (if there are circumstances which prevent it, please tell us)

- What's the status of ogr-25.
   eg have the problems with a faulty implementation be resolved ?
   Is work we submit with the current clients scientifically relevant ?
   How many % of the stubs have been returned ?? (this should be shown
   also on the ogr main-stats page)

- Could you inform us when things become more clear about the new client
   framework ?

 OO> Oliver

CU, Ricsi

PS: I know that my "calculation" was not "correct".
See the smiley in my post:
"This is not an exact calculation :)"
The only thing I wanted to express is that IMHO rc5-72 is pretty pointless.
We know how much work was needed to solve rc5-64, we know that rc5-72 is 256
times harder, we do *NOT* have a better algorithm to solve it.
So what's the point in finding the key ?? (eg what new information do we get
finding it ?)
I would vote for another project.
|~)o _ _o  Richard Menedetter <ricsi at gmx.at> {ICQ: 7659421} (PGP)
|~\|(__\|  -=> Scotty is smoking the dilithium crystals again, Jim <=-
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