[RC5] Something wrong with fetch/flush algorithm?

Steve Bennett me at stevage.com
Sun Sep 29 10:34:14 EDT 2002

Hi all,
  I can't help but notice that several days after the end of the rc5
project, my computer is still bravely cracking rc5 keys.  Part of this is no
doubt due to the priorities it had set up: DES,CSC,RC5,OGR=0.  Still, having
removed the '=0', and performed several fetch/flushes, it keeps saying
"output buffers are empty, no flush required", and keeps working away on its
input buffers.  On an explicit fetch, it works out that rc5 is finished, but
still works on it anyway?  Is the problem just that OGR packets aren't being
sent out for some reason, or is it just stupid?  This is on XP...


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