[RC5] Removing Stats?

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Sun Sep 29 22:42:02 EDT 2002

On Sat, Sep 28, 2002 at 12:41:44AM -0400, Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
> AAt 10:39 +0100 on 09/27/2002, Carl Inglis wrote about Re: [RC5] 
> Removing Stats?:
> >It's unfortunate that there was some sort of problem which prevented the
> >staffers from verifying the find (ping DNet staffers - any chance of a
> >more detail explaining of the problems?) but that doesn't change the fact
> >that the project had finished.
> Reread the report AGAIN. The actual events were that the key was 
> submitted but it took them a week or so to spot its submission. They 
> then verified it, submitted it to RSA (who ALSO verified it). This 
> occurred as of 14Jul2002. DNET then SUPPRESSED the solution 
> information until this week. They KNEW and sat on the info for 2 
> MONTHS. In my opinion this represents a BREACH OF TRUST between DNET 
> and the Participants since IF, as you claim, the sole purpose of the 
> effort is to crack the code (and the Stats are an unimportant product 
> of the Effort), then WHY was the project not shut down when the key 
> was found AND CONFIRMED?

Actually, you are the one who needs to re-read the report.

July 12th: success log was checked; we hadn't found the key
July 14th: winning key was submitted
Mid August: success log was checked again. A day or two later, RSA was

So, we only held the announcement for 1 month, while working with RSA on
the press release. As someone else mentioned, RSA mandates coordinated
announcement of the win. I don't know that they would have withheld the
money had we announced before them, but it certainly wouldn't have made
us very popular with them.
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