[RC5] rsa=bozos and /n/th plea for a bit of assistance.

Scott Dodson sdodson at eagle4.cc.gasou.edu
Mon Sep 30 11:16:00 EDT 2002


Other than the html formatting issues which are discussed when setting team motto,
what problems are you having with the team?

The minimum size for rc5-72 blocks will be larger, as will the max.  I believe the figure
tossed around was 2^32-2^36, though I'm not certain.


>>> Christopher Hicks<chicks at chicks.net> 09/30/02 09:39AM >>>
Incidentally, I'm still hoping somebody "in the know" will help me recover
my team since it was dorked with the anti-html fun so long ago.  (Yes I've
sent requests to help at .  No this isn't the first post on the mailing list
either.)  Please look at:


I'll be happy to beta test rc5-72 clients and/or pproxies whether that
helps me get into my team page or not.  But I'd fire up my MicroVAX II and
test it on there if somebody would just let me in to fix my team page!  

Speaking of rc5, has any consideration been put into increasing the
minimum block size for rc5-72?
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