[RC5] client versions - AIX

stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com
Mon Sep 30 18:02:55 EDT 2002

I have a few AIX 4.3.3 systems running dnet on the below client version and
apparently working ok.

dnetc v2.8012-465-CTR-01010219 for AIX (AIX 4.1).
Using email address (distributed.net ID) 'x at x.x'

[Sep 30 12:42:36 UTC] OGR: using core #1 (GARSP 5.13 PowerRS).
[Sep 30 12:42:36 UTC] OGR: Loaded 25/1-4-12-13-9-10 (120.53 Gnodes done)
[Sep 30 12:42:36 UTC] OGR: 0 packets remain in buff-in.ogr
[Sep 30 12:42:36 UTC] OGR: 0 packets are in buff-out.ogr
[Sep 30 12:42:36 UTC] 1 cruncher has been started.

As with the finishing of RC-5 it seemed like a good time to review the
clients for possible upgrades.
However the latest AIX version on the website is

AIX    PPC+POWER    v2.8009.460    2000-05-30

So I have a later client then the latest available...
Now ( strange as it might seem) this rings a bell to me.
Somewhere deep in memory I vaguely remember the following events.

- I updated systems to 2.8012 to fix a bug ( it had a workaround i beleive
adding " -numcpu  0"....)
- it turns out  there is a  major bug with the new version , to do with
OGR, newest client is withdrawn by Dnet
- I do not downgrade as i only worked on RC5, so not impacted, and 1
smaller bug still solved. ( as protest for lack of OGR24 status update,
still waiting...)

Can somebody tell me if
- this is true about the OGR bug in v2.8012.465 ? ( thus invalidating
theses systems work)
- the v2.8009.460 client is ok / OGR capable ? ( if, no , making these
systems useless as dnet clients)
- we can expect an upgraded AIX client anytime (rc-72 or not)?

sidenote: Anybody any experience with running the Linux client on AIX 5L ,
I don't have any system available (yet)?
This would eliminate the need for an up to date AIX client in the mid-long
run...allthough the available linux-ppc version is even older then the AIX



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