[RC5] client versions - AIX

Jack Beglinger jackb at guppy.us
Mon Sep 30 20:01:36 EDT 2002

> Can somebody tell me if
> - this is true about the OGR bug in v2.8012.465 ? ( thus invalidating
> theses systems work)
> - the v2.8009.460 client is ok / OGR capable ? ( if, no , making these
> systems useless as dnet clients)
> - we can expect an upgraded AIX client anytime (rc-72 or not)?

You are lucky,,,  My AIX processed a week on 1 OGR-25.  Finally, just 
turned it off flushed the buffers, and reset to RC5.  Right now all DNET 
clients have been disabled - my network will not work on OGR-25.  
> sidenote: Anybody any experience with running the Linux client on AIX 5L ,
> I don't have any system available (yet)?
> This would eliminate the need for an up to date AIX client in the mid-long
> run...allthough the available linux-ppc version is even older then the AIX
> one...

Does not.  just runs next to AIX 5L, so you will waste cycles in the AIX 
partition.  Now, you could use some of the Linux port code and run it under 
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