[RC5] Prerelease Clients

Mark Duell mduell52 at cox.net
Thu Apr 24 15:01:25 EDT 2003

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Subject: [RC5] Prerelease Clients

> Hi
> Is the work from the pre-release clients counted in the stats?  I
> remember in the beginning it wasn't and I wanted to know if this policy
> has been changed.

As far as I know, all the rc5-72 work done prior to the official client
release was discarded, however any wok done by a pre-release client after
that date is being counted, even though one of the cores that was in a
pre-release client was later found to be bad.

I found it odd counting work done by a core that was 1) bad data, and 2)
done at a faster rate than a proper core, but after some irc discussion it
appeared that the DCTI crew wanted to make sure they didn't discourage
people from testing the pre-releases.

Mark Duell

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