[RC5] "Pause if running" on Mac

dunno(TM) boli at mac.com
Sun Apr 27 17:50:48 EDT 2003

howdy crunchers

i'd like to set up dnetc in a lab at our university. we're talking about
15 powermac g4 machines (running mac os 10.2) - they would be a good
addition to my private machines...

the problem is that i can't have the client run all the time, not even
with the default low priority. i'd like the client to run only when the
log-in screen is present, and to pause or shutdown when someone is logged
in locally, and unpause or relaunch when this someone logs out again.

i thought that by doing a ./dnetc -install and setting the option "Pause
if running" to "Finder" would do the trick, but it doesn't. it seems that
neither "Finder" nor "Dock" seem to work to trigger the pause. using
"Safari" works, but as not every user runs Safari all the time this is
not good enough.

any ideas how i could fix this behaviour? or can you think of another
approach to get the same result?

best regards, oliver

+++ boli at mac.com +++

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