Re(3): [RC5] "Pause if running" on Mac

dunno(TM) boli at
Tue Apr 29 00:43:52 EDT 2003

using "pause if file present" works fine when i put the file on the auto-
mounted volume containing the users' homedirectories.

i also noticed that the official release client for mac os x is slow as
hell, the prerelease is about 5 times faster...

the "pause if running" feature also seems to work with the prerelease
client even for the Finder|Dock....

problem solved. thanks everybody who contributed!

cheers, oliver

>i've thought of that option as well. however, i don't know a file that's
>only there when someone is logged in, and to have other users create a
>file upon login is too much to ask (we have about 500 user-accounts).
>most users have their home directory mounted into /Volumes/Userdata/
>though, so i could maybe use a file like /Volumes/Userdata/
>pause_dnetc.file - i'll try that tomorrow. the remaining problem would be
>the users who have their home directory on the same machine they're
>logging in on (that's not many users though, so i could make a login/
>logout script for 'em).

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