[RC5] Preventing Flushing

MICO Olivier odjmico2 at wanadoo.fr
Sun Aug 3 01:09:24 EDT 2003

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>>The thing is that the windows version of the proxy is so unstable and 
>>keeps closing the connection to the server and not reconnecting.  One 
>>email that can be sent seems easier than keep on having to check to
>>if the proxy is still sending.

I agree with this, first it does not detect dialup connection, then even
if manually forced by a "proxysig -update" the pproxy always cut
connection with keymaster before everything was sent/received

It is also true here in my personnal network with a principal proxy
communicating with a secondary proxy, each one close connection before
everything was fetched/flushed

When flushing my main proxy i have to run a batch "proxysig -update"
several times

And sometime my proxy establish connection with a proxy with ip
and 'dead' status ( could it be another status ;)  )

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