[RC5] Preventing Flushing

Robert A. Rosenberg dnet at rarpsl.com
Thu Aug 7 02:46:32 EDT 2003

At 09:50 -0500 on 08/02/2003, Jim C. Nasby wrote about Re: [RC5] 
Preventing Flushing:

>I'm not sure if there is, but why do you think it will take hours to
>flush your pproxy? Each workunit takes something like 120 bytes on the
>wire, so even if you're on a modem it would require having a pretty huge
>amount of work stored up to take even a single hour to flush it.
>Flushing by email on the other hand requires base-64 encoding the buffer
>files. This will almost certainly be larger in size than sending the
>work via the pproxy.

One reason is the 8 month old Bug 2951. Proxies are unable to flush 
more than 90 WUs a minute. They will flush 15 WUs and then wait 20 
seconds before flushing another 15. They WILL start a 2nd connection 
(thus doubling the flush rate) but time out any attempt to establish 
a 3rd session (the 2nd and 3rd alternate as a second session with one 
starting and the other ending every 20 seconds). An Email Flush, 
OTOH, will send continuously and not wait for a 20 second time-out 
every 15-30 WUs.

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