[RC5] OGR-24 100%

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Sat Aug 16 15:41:12 EDT 2003

On 16 Aug, Borisas Bursteinas <borka at tdd.lt> wrote:

> If stat page does not lie then we have finally completed OGR-24 :). 
> What's next?

Unless I'm severely mistaken, the stats pages do lie. :-(

I've never seen an OGR stub with a total length greater than 70 yet.
This means that either:
a) d.net have discovered a new mathematical proof that an OGR-24 must
have mark 5 at a distance of 70 or less from mark 0
b) they made arrangements to get these stubs checked outside the d.net
c) I've been exceptionally unlucky in not being allocated any such stubs.

d) There's a BUG in the stub generator that is failing to generate these
stubs so they've never been issued to clients.

I also recall that around the time of RC5-72 starting there was mention
of an algorithm bug in all current clients that would cause them to count
the nodes incorrectly on some blocks, requiring at least one additional
pass over the nodespace after they fixed this...

Doee anyone know whether that ever addressed, or are we still going to
require a further run through OGR-24?

Steve Lee

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