[RC5] OGR-24 100%

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Sat Aug 16 12:40:08 EDT 2003

john cesta (lists at lookwww.com) wrote:

> Recently a hacker copied some files onto our server. One was dnetc.exe
> I also saw a distributed.net directory on the server. I didn't know is
> that should have been there for some other software app or if the
> hackers actually copied that entire directory on the server.
> Anyone know? I can't think of any time we may have installed the
> distributed.net stuff.

The dnetc.exe program should not be required for any other software
application.  It should be safe for you to delete it, as well as
the directory.

Some people are very enthusiastic about the project, to the point
where they will install the client software on machines they don't
own.  This is unfortunate, and we don't condone it, but sometimes
people do it anyway.

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