[RC5] Does Intel hyperthreading help?

bdragon at distributed.net bdragon at distributed.net
Mon Aug 18 17:29:21 EDT 2003

> Do either the OGR or RC5 clients gain any benefit from the hyperthreading
> architecture of the newer P4s? I'm about to upgrade from a 1.67 GHz P4 to a 3.0
> GHz P4 with HT.  Was wondering if I'll see much less than than 2x, close to 2x
> or more than 2x performance improvement on RC5/OGR tasks.
> - Jim

It ultimately depends on the process scheduling efficiency of your operating
system. If it is a poor scheduler, then hyperthreading (turning the cpu
into its own scheduler) may improve performance despite adding additional

If the OS is a good scheduler, you'll likely hurt performance due to the
aforementioned additional overhead.

I've heard of performance increases with hyperthreading under Windows, fwiw.

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