[RC5] Itanium 2 builds

David Nillesen dnillese at pobox.une.edu.au
Wed Aug 20 15:35:43 EDT 2003

I have a shiny Itanium 2 here, running the latest dnetc client in
emulation mode, which as you would expect, is appalling.

It's running RedHat Linux AS 3 beta at the moment.

Would anyone be interested in producing a dnetc build for
itanium2/linux? I realise the RC5 stuff would be harder as it's all
handcoded in assembler, but the OGR is c++ and would benefit from just
a rebuild if I took a guess, so at least it would be faster at no
great loss to RC5.


dnillese at pobox.une.edu.au
Systems Administrator
University of New England

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