[RC5] newbie question

mgarriss mgarriss at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 21 22:42:47 EDT 2003

You 'dnet'ers' have put together a computer of incredible power!  Choose 
how to use it very carefully.  There are many groups with the need for 
such computing power.  Imagine helping with the cure for cancer or AIDS, 
or imagine the worlds first true general AI waking up in your pentiums.  
Dnet would be written into permanent history.

Brad T. wrote:

>IMO working on a 72bit encryption project is too much. Its safe. Also
>as far as I know banks use 128bit encryption as well as other
>agencyies. 56bit is unsafe, 64 kinda and 72 definatly, 128 is overkill.
>Please dnet start working on a more feasable project that has a shorter
>life time that can be measured in a decade and not a millinium.
>Only reason I'm still here is the program is stable, reliable, small,
>stats are easy to understand.
>--- James Healy <jimmy at deefa.com> wrote:
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>>| Thank you for the response.  Don't take this wrong way but it seems
>>| all that cpu power could be better used.  I guess I don't completly
>>| understand the RC5 project.  The folding at home project can and has
>>| to medical and general technology advances.  I would really like to
>>| see a distributed AI project however.  Image a General AI that
>>could be
>>| trained on a network the size of the one that distributed.net has
>>| together.
>>If rc5 doesn't grab you, there is also the option of running the OGR
>>project, which you may or may not find more useful. Details are on
>>website, but it's a mathematical project..
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