[RC5] newbie question

mgarriss mgarriss at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 22 02:08:40 EDT 2003

Bjoern Martin wrote:

> | Only reason I'm still here is the program is stable, reliable, small,
> | stats are easy to understand.
> I think taht's the point. Take seti at home: one client per cpu, sucking up
> about 20 MB of ram each; even if nice'd they slow down the system; stats
> are horribly bad. I like Dnet ;-)

folding at home takes about 1.6M of RAM, I have it nice'd and I can notice 
no effect (not too scientific I guess),  my seti at home seems to stay at 
about 13M.  Indeed that is a hit but I think that many people have 512M+ 
these days.  I like Dnet too. :)


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