[RC5] newbie question

mgarriss mgarriss at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 22 10:53:29 EDT 2003

stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com wrote:

>>| Only reason I'm still here is the program is stable, reliable, small,
>>| stats are easy to understand.
>Don't forget the availability of a client for almost any platform, not just
>Windows/x86 ( or an occasional linux/x86 )
>And my absolute favorite is the personal proxy. an absolute must if you
>have a bit more then  1 desktop at home
>It's also -mostly- open source, but I won't go in that discussion...

The three distributed projects I know (geez, there must be more then 
Dnet, folding, and seti) all run on my Linux/x86 boxes.  Having all the 
source code would be nice so that they could be moved to any  general 
GNU/Linux system.  folding at home states that they closed the code for 
security reasons but I think the SSH community would dispute that theroy 
(and I would agree with them).  The person proxy is nice, however I just 
run a seperate folding process on each of my boxes all of which sit 
behind a firewall.  This doesn't make me feel much better about the 
security though! :)

>But...I can't get excited over RC5 cracking keys either, that's why my
>systems do 100% OGR.
>It may not be solving AIDS or Cancer, but as far as I can tell we still
>need to see some actual results from those projects as well...they have
>lists of "interesting molecules", etc but that's like SETI has interesting
>"spikes" or Gausians". OGR should at least give us definate
folding at home does have results but no, they have not cured anything, and 
they do not yet have any definate accomplishment.  However I'm not sure 
about the logic of avoiding a project *before* they solve the problem. ;)

>If people know interesting projects they would like for distributed.net to
>tackle ,try and find someone that knows the ins and outs of it and convince
>him/her to work with the dnet staff  to implement the specifics in the
>My two Euro-cents
>disc : yes, I'm a dnet staff member (sod75 at distributed.net ) , well ...I
>try to help anyway :)

I'll certainly look into this.


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