[RC5] newbie question

Jason Hartzell jhartzell at arcataassoc.com
Fri Aug 22 10:19:57 EDT 2003

dnet has a small, stable, non-invasive client and their system is delivered
on a reliable network with quality stats. What more could I want? More
useful projects will come. And RC5-72 isn't a bad project. The bottom line
is that d.net has grown to their current size BECAUSE they have tackled
encryption projects. 

Every other distributed computing project I have participated in has
frustrated me with their bungling incompetence and insane client/network
architectures. So even when D.net frustrates me, I gotta remember that no
one else even comes close to them at this point.


>>| Thank you for the response.  Don't take this wrong way but it seems
>>| all that cpu power could be better used.  I guess I don't completly
>>| understand the RC5 project.  The folding at home project can and has
>>| to medical and general technology advances.  I would really like to
>>| see a distributed AI project however.  Image a General AI that
>>could be
>>| trained on a network the size of the one that distributed.net has
>>| together.
>>If rc5 doesn't grab you, there is also the option of running the OGR
>>project, which you may or may not find more useful. Details are on
>>website, but it's a mathematical project..
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