[RC5] newbie question

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Thu Aug 21 20:25:10 EDT 2003

| Thank you for the response.  Don't take this wrong way but it 
| seems that 
| all that cpu power could be better used.  I guess I don't completly 
| understand the RC5 project.

People participate in the RC5 project for a variety of reasons.
Benchmarking, bragging rights, team competition, sending a political
message, prize money, monitoring uptime/performance of remote
computers, interest in group dynamics, or just because it seems like a
shame for all those CPUs to be sitting around 99% idle.  There are
literally as many reasons for participating as there are participants.

| I would really like to a 
| see a distributed AI project however.  Image a General AI 
| that could be 
| trained on a network the size of the one that distributed.net has
| together.

So would we - we're just looking for someone who has a passion for the
project to write a core.  We're a volunteer-driven organization, and
without volunteers, nothing happens.  (OK, sometimes even *with*
volunteers, nothing happens, but that's to be expected at times.)
Each new project we have undertaken has resulted from someone who
liked the project writing the core or porting it to our distributed

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