[RC5] newbie question

Slawek sgp at telsatgp.com.pl
Sat Aug 30 13:21:12 EDT 2003

I hate replying to myself, but...

> Not exactly. On P4M you have two arithmetic units which can
> execute two basic arithmetic microops per cycle _each_.

Please ignore that P4M symbol.
I was just talking about Pentium 4.

The same stays true for the rest of my last e-mail.

> There is a scheduler which can take microops from
> both logic processors and send it to be done on each
> of processing units.
> Does it favour one of the processors?
> From my basic experiments it looks like it doesn't,
> but I can't find it in Intel's documentation.

I've found it now. I was right. The logic processors
are treated equal. There is no priority logic between them.

Slawek Piotrowski

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